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Jen from "TPS"' - A Snitch / Rat?
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Saturday, 17 November 2012 14:12

It has been recently discovered that a former admin of this site, one whom we had to remove, is employed by Homeland Security. The woman we believe is, at the very  least, troubled,  so we chose to make our version of the dismissal  private.

I am choosing to reveal some of  this now, for I would want to know - even if its a harmless coincidence .

She did tell us that she was A US federal employee but hardly could I imagine that she was in fact a DHS employee under pentagon control.

I am sure the majority of you do not know who Jen from "TPS"' is but you may at some point secretly receive a seemingly innocent invite to there using our site.

We call it "member harvesting" and it is pure and simple divide and conquer, IMO.

It is believed that Jen post on her site  as Jake, Lee, as well as other profile names to give the appearance of an active site. One former member said she has a hard time keeping up with which account she is on and that's how this was all discovered.

TPS is one of many spin-offs of this site over its 5 years.

It will of course happen, folks meet here and find themselves wanting some thing different or let's just say they want to be the big boss and run the show.  This was the case with Jen, she volunteered to take over the site from the start.

Many think its easy to start and run a social network it seems. We were lucky and had dozens of volunteers help get us off the ground and this is a rarity in this Facebook world of virtual egos.

The case can be made that TPS was intended as a method to destroy our site, our fellowship and our our harmony, by dividing the membership through conflict.

We have tried to steer clear of appearances of infighting but this must be told.

Please contact the site mods or admins if you are asked to join any other site and particularly one mentioned.

Publicly available info on Jen:

Jenny Collins
Phone: 410-962-5146
Fax: 410-962-5155


(410) 668-3220,-llc

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